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Born: 1st March 2009
Adopted: 14th March 2013
Died: 6th October 2016 (Lymphoma)
Background: found roaming the streets at the top of Almerimar several people had tried to catch him but with no luck. We caught him at the first attempt so that sort of sealed the deal as Chris had been wanting to adopt a Galgo but we weren’t sure how it would fit into our lifestyle and with the cats.



Born: 1st November 2012
Adopted: 30th July 2013
Background: dumped into a refuge in Malaga weighing only 9KG she was taken in by 112 Carlota Galgos and Sands fell in love with her and wanted her as a play mate for Teo. It has worked out brilliantly.


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Born: 24th April 2016
Adopted: 24th July 2016
Background: dumped in a bin in Cadiz the poor fella was close to death. Sands and I had only just decided that we wanted a puppy Galgo so it was fortunate timing that we were made aware of him. Only 3kg at 3 months when we got him!


Born: 7th October 2010
Adopted: 18th February 2018
Background: She was at Pechina and every time Sands saw her she would make a huge fuss of her. One visit Sands noticed that she had badly damaged a paw (she had trapped it and tore three of her ‘toes’ off) so Sands wanted to help her. Initially in foster she came to us as the paw wasn’t healing. Took a good 6 months and so despite having had offers to foster her in UK we decided to keep her as a) she is unbelievably affectionate and b) her paw will always need care and treatment so we thought we felt more comfortable if it was us that took that responsibility.