Pictures Of Bono

One Satisfied Kitten

I took this picture after Bono had managed to eat a whole tin of Gourmet pate. Having a belly full of more solid food seems to have made him very sleepy, and he decided to join his new best friend, Capone, in the dog’s basket.

Below are some more great photos of our little chap:

Beautiful Coat

Cute Little Chap

The Bluest Eyes


6 thoughts on “Pictures Of Bono

  1. Jenny

    Bono’s latest pics

    What a handsome little guy, he’s gorgeous! Actually very unusual, not your run-of-the-mill black/white by any means!! It’s great to hear of the remarkable progress he’s been making of late, hopefully he will very soon be eating completely un-aided. All of the effort you guys have been putting in has been so worthwhile, and it is also very pleasing to learn that he has already been promised a home in Germany.

  2. Mary

    He is an absolute sweetie and has a character to boot. I really do believe he is well on his way to ‘normality’ but will be very interested to get my friend Geoff’s comments. I hope we can make contact today or tomorrow.

  3. Sands Post author

    Yes it does make a change to have a non black and white kitten. Maybe that will make a good post in itself … our unusual kittens. Out of the eight we have rescued this year, we have Bono and little tortoishell Bonny, and the rest are black and white … all beautiful though!!!

  4. Pam Roberts

    My dog Rufus has been looked after by good friends for 5 days because John and I have been ill – he came back to the flat today and immediately started playing with Bono – I think in time they would curl up in his basket together, He isnt bothered by being in close proximity to Rufus and they follow each other around.Bono has just had his supper – half a tin of Gourmet Pate and 7 syringes of milk – he still cant lap up milk but hopefully given time will be able to.Progress is being made.

  5. Chris

    Congrats to all, very rewarding to see how well he is doing!!!

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