Plans For This Week

OK this week is now organised. Pam and I did try and catch another pregnant female this morning but she was unusually skittish so we are resigned to the fact that more kittens are coming. We are hoping she will have them on one of the boats and we may be able to find them earlier enough to (I’m sorry) destroy them. This HAS to be the best option for tiny kittens, although I know i will still find it hard.

I await delivery of our automatic feral cat trap from the UK, so that we can really focus on sterilising the rest of our more feral females over the coming weeks AND our Almerimar Tomcats.

Tomorrow evening I will be at the vet’s again, this time with Cookie, who Dawn has kindly agreed to take in for his last 10 days with us. He has a small lump (maybe an insect bite) and his toilet is not great again, so we need to get to the bottom (pun not intended) of his problems. He is then back to vet Miguel on Friday for final jabs and will be off to Munich on the 24th.

We’re also hoping to send Mina, the sweet little tabby female from the rocks. Begona has some concerns about her mouth so Pam and I will take her on Thursday morning, and Pam is going to keep her for her last week so that we can give her any antibiotics she may need and get her back to Begona next Monday for her final jabs.

Next we are working towards a likely transport date in mid May. Currently we have one definite candidate, the very tame but rather feisty Tomcat (Caesar), who has been terrorising our Calle Alcor strays. I think I have found him a foster home for the next 4-6 weeks so we are planning to take him up to Miguel on Friday for his snip, bloodtest, chip and jabs etc. Jenny has kindly agreed to take him for Thursday as I am keen to have several opportunities to catch him … we do not see him every day.

Enough for this week I think, but we may also have a little dog to take with us to the dog rescue on Friday. Pam reports a very hungry little abandoned creature that she has started feeding.

AND so it goes on …

On the fun side the Almerimar Cat ladies will be enjoying lunch at La Plaza on Wednesday as a thank you from me for all the good work, courtesy of Mac who has kindly donated his Taste Of Spain meals to the cause.

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