We too a while before deciding to buy the Polecat from Hicat. Sands had always wanted one but we never got round to in Spain as we couldn’t figure where it would go, and we had planned to stop adopting cats with Kasper!!

With the arrival of the Donuts Sands revved up again, but even then it took a while as I was of the view that it was probably going to be something they enjoyed whilst kittens but soon grew out of. I wasn’t at all sure that I wanted one in one of our main living areas as well.

The trigger to getting one was the Donuts scratching the chairs in the Dining Room, which we worked out was really their first opportunity to scratch and stretch out once they had come downstairs. We looked at options for scratch mats etc in the hall, and then figured that we had an area right at the bottom of the stairs for a Polecat.

So ironically really the main reason we bought it was to act as a scratch pole for all the cats as they came downstairs, and it has worked a treat with all the cats using it, and it showing no signs of wear and tear after nearly a year.

The donuts all climbed it a lot when we first had it, and continue to use it as do Kasper, Tobi and Marti. We have a false ceiling in the hall so the fixing is not ideal but I added some extra brackets so it is stable enough, but most mornings it needs straightening but at least we know it’s been used.

Not cheap but the quality is good and having found a secondary use for it it has been a good buy.

Cody demonstrating
They all use it one way or another, but they climb it less and less.

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