Post Brexit (No Deal) Pet Transport

Once again the only thing we know for sure about pet transport post Brexit, is that we know nothing for sure!

General opinion seems to be that in the event of a Deal, or indeed Remain, nothing should change but in the event of a No Deal a UK transporters DEFRA Certificate and Type 2 License will be invalid, as mentioned before, meaning that a EU based transporter would need both a EU equivalent Certificate and License for movement through the EU and a UK Certificate and License for movement in the UK, and vice versa.

I recently posted about my conversation with APHA regards the process for using our Calais Shuttle Service to bring animals into the UK for transporters wanting to travel with more than the permitted 20 pets. At the same time I asked about the possibility of using a EU licensed transporter to bring animals to Calais, and then a UK licensed transporter bringing them into UK. for example by using our UK Shuttle Service combined with the Calais Shuttle Service.

Understandably APHA could not provide a definitive answer but they provided more hope than we had received before.

In addition to confirming that the relevant license and certificates would be needed for any transporter involved they also stated that “it should be noted that transferring animals from vehicle to vehicle in the case of livestock can only take place at a suitable premises such as a market or control post.”

As the Pet Passport Office in Calais is a control post I think this would be ok, so in theory in the event of a No Deal we can work with EU registered pet transporters to bring re-homed cats and dogs into the UK.

More later, but for now it is looking optimistic.

4 thoughts on “Post Brexit (No Deal) Pet Transport

  1. Dan Coughlan

    Hi Chris. Thought you need to know, but as you were posting yesterday, APHA confirmed EU27 Authorised transporters may operate freely in the UK post Brexit. In response to a question from us they replied: “…,transporter authorisations issued in the EU will be valid for use in the UK. The decision to accept EU issued documentation was made to safeguard and protect animal welfare and ensure their smooth transition through our ports and borders on day one and afterwards.” Of course, this does not answer the BIP question for any short sea crossing. What is confirmed is that the new BIP at Eurotunnel will be for horses only. Have you heard anything?

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Heh,thanks. I heard that too yesterday after I had posted. Is on list of things to do today. I have heard nothing regards BIP (Border Inspection Point), but I still suspect that as UK already member of TRACES they will maintain membership and use, as just as with above decision it works, is best for Animal Welfare and why would they want cost and hassle of changing.

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  4. Dan Coughlan

    Regarding TRACES, Defra admits it does not yet know if it can continue to have access. And so the ‘cost and hassle’ is already underway with the creation of an independent, stand-alone Traces-type system for the UK, called IPAFFS. It is pretty much a duplicate in look and feel. We already have access to it, though it is so far only active for imports from outside the EU. We are all promised training in its use before Brexit day, but don’t hold your breath on that one as it was said before back before 29 March and never materialised. Guess we will have to wait and see.

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