Post Brexit Transport Process and Observations

Please check with APHA for the latest notes on the commercial import of cats and dogs.

I have waited a while before posting about the changes to TRACES and the transport of rehomed cats and dogs from the EU into the UK as I wanted to a) complete our own post Brexit plans, and b) wait until I had spoken to a few transporters who had made the trip under the new “rules”.

So this post is a combined effort in many ways. A lot of the info is pulled from various social media platforms, a lot is based on information picked up from talking to transporters and rescues, and as ever some of it is a personal view.

BUT PLEASE note: as I am retired now and do not do any transports anymore I am not talking from personal experience as I have not organised or delivered any per transports under the new rules. This is very much a summary based on what I have been sent, and told, and is merely an attempt to point you in the right direction. Hope it helps!

As A Transporter With A UK Certificate and License Can I Still Collect 20 Animals In Calais At Pet Passport And Bring Them Into The UK?

I tried several times to get APHA/DEFRA to answer this but all I ever received where standard boiler plate replies, which at best were “vague”.

By personal view was that as a pet transporter transferring the animals into my van at pet passport I would, at no point, be driving on EU roads with the pets on board so I would not require EU documents.

Eurotunnel have confirmed that they will only accept bookings (and disclaimers) that have a UK DEFRA Certificate and a UK Type 2 License, and several transporters have told me that at the UK Border Point i.e. after pet passport and French Passport Control, they are checking pet transporters have UK documentation.

This makes sense (see above personal view) as it is the only viable place to carry out the check, and the French authorities will not be interested in the slightest based on the Eurotunnel booking requirement (above).

I think this is good news, although will give me a dilemma from time to time as I could still help out as I still have the small NV200 van with it’s UK DEFRA Certificate, and Marshall Innovations still has it’s Trade Account and Type 2 License.

Given The Above When And Where Do They Inspect EU Documentation?

At present the answer seems to be that they don’t. Obviously a EU pet transporter transporting within the EU will need them for their TRACES (which remains unchanged for them post Brexit), but UK transporters based in the EU are telling me that they are not being asked for their EU papers at any stage.

This is a little strange as is easily fixed (see below) and very worrying as if this remains the case many transporters will just ignore the need for EU documents.

The “easy” fix is that when the EU Country process the UK Health Certificate they could ask for copies of the EU documents as well, as under the old TRACES you had to list each country you were travelling through, so it would be an easy check for them.

What Is The Process For Importing And Transporting A Rehomed Cat or Dog From The EU Into The UK?

Obviously check with the relevant authorities for the latest information, but as far as I can tell …

You WILL need a UK DEFRA Certification for your van and a UK Type 2 Transporter License.

You WILL need a EU Van Certification for your van and a EU Type 2 Transporter License (see comment above).

You WILL need a Customs Agent in UK to deal with your customs import and VAT

You WILL need a EU Customs agent in the country of origin to deal with customs export.

You WILL need to register for IPAFFS in the UK which will generate an IMP GB number.

You WILL need to add the IMP GB number to your transport list which will require the microchip number of each animals and their anti rabies vaccine make & serial number.

You WILL need to send this completed transport list to the EU Government Vet (that used to do your TRACES)

You WILL need the EXPORT HEALTH CERTIFICATE certificate number provided by the EU Government Vet (that used to do your TRACES). This Import Certificate is raised manually by the EU Government Vet via the UK Government website.

You WILL need to put this TRACES EXPORT certificate number in section 1.2 on the UK certificate and the the IPAFF IMP GB number on section 1.2 UNN.

You WILL need the UK importer to enter the Export Certificate number UNDER OTHER on the IPAFF system, insert number and date issued, then resubmit IPAFFS.

You the present this information as “normal” at pet passport in Calais.

Are There Any COVID-19 Specific Actions?

Drivers need to complete a COVID-19 Travel Form so they are exempt from self isolation on arrival in UK.

Drivers will need a FRENCH Covid declaration form available from French Gov website and Eurotunnel website when they leave the UK.

Drivers will also need a negative covid test to enter France.

There is still some confusion regards import tax, but as I understand this is zero rated (currently) for rehomed cats and dogs and there is a code available to use on the relevant form.

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  1. Caroline

    Hi Chris!

    Thank you for very informative blog posts.
    I’m trying to research for starting up my own pet transport UK-EU so I can visit my family abroad a bit more often.
    Could you recommend any websites where I can find exactly what I need (besides type 2 defra license) and what the vehicle needs to pass inspection?
    I’ve gotten bits and bobs of information from different websites (both private and but I don’t know if there’s something I’m missing.

    Thank yoy

  2. Caroline

    Hi Chris!

    I’m in the UK but I’m also a European citizen.

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