We run ALStrays Transport on a ‘not for profit’ basis, which means of course we have to ‘make’ a profit in order to cover our costs, but we do not have a ‘per animal’ price structure. We work on the basis of a ‘per job donation’as our costs per job do not really vary depending on how many aniamls are involved. Yes, fuel costs and tolls will vary depending on each journey, but we work that out in advance and give you one cost for the job we are required to do.

UK Pet Transport Services


Charter Transports

A Charter is based on one pick up location and one drop off location, but we will quote for multiple pick up and drop off locations.

We will provide a price based on your specific requirements but as a guide a Charter is based on a cost of £250 per day, plus expenses (Fuel, Tolls, Shuttle Costs, Accommodation, Additional Driver Costs) so by way of a guideline cost a Charter from UK  to Spain to UK is typically 10 days plus expenses so around £4,500

We will add VAT to the above guideline if you do not have a Charity Number.

Please note that with a Charter you are basically hiring van and drivers. You need to organise the dogs into cage pairings, do the TRACES and communicate with everyone involved.

We will just need the two locations and a contact name and mobile for each.

We will provide a password protected Charter Page with the Schedule, Tracking and Updates.

A 25% non refundable deposit is required when booking and the balance to be paid a month before departure.