Dog Transport Prices

Dog To Spain Or EU From UK

Small£300 or 340€
Medium£325 or 365€
Large£375 or 425€
Extra Large£475 or 540€

* Please check below for any supplementary charges relating to pick up in UK or drop offs in Spain or Portugal

* Please note that although there is no official pet inspection leaving the UK we are liable to inspections at EU borders, and as such we will only transport dogs from the UK which comply 100% with the Pet Passport requirements: microchip, rabies at least 21 days prior to departure, worming 1-5 days prior to departure with date and time completed by vet and clinical examination completed by vet 24 hours before departure. One reason we do this is that in the event we need to return to UK because of health issues (dogs or ourselves), mechanical or weather/traffic issues we need to be able to get the dogs back into the UK so they must comply with the requirements 100%.

To help with ‘sizing’ Small Dogs should be able to fit in a Flight Box (71 x 52 x 55), Medium Dogs should be able to fit TWO in a large cage (89 x 60 x 66), and Large Dogs should be able to fit TWO in an Extra Large cage (110 x 70 x 75), and and Extra Large dog needs to be able to travel solo in an Extra Large cage (110 x 70 x 75).

Extra Costs Are Per Trip NOT Per Animal

Seville75€ or £65
Madrid150€ or £130
Portugal250€ or £220


  1. We will of course quote for any specific requests if the above doesn’t meet your requirements.

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