02/03/13: Queta has now been in Germany for 3 weeks and until the last few days, life has still not been great for her. She did come to trust and like her foster Mum Uschi, but she did NOT like Uschi’c own cats and continued to be quite stressed poor girl, and a problem to all. Then last weekend a couple contacted Kerstin to say that their only cat had sadly just died and they would like to foster a cat for us. This was PERFECT for Queta, AND this morning the best news has come from Germany. Queta is happy and finally relaxed with them, they love her, and they will keep her forever. I am not surprised, because I think we all knew that Queta was really a lovely people cat. She just needed to be an only cat again, which she now is. I am very happy that this beautiful cat is happy and settled again, and her tough times are over.

05/02/13: Queta is between 4 and 5 years old, and is a big, beautiful more English style lady, that has had a very bad couple of months. She was left at SOS Pechina by her previous owner, and when I first met her she was hissing and spitting at the other cats in the big pen, but at the same time was trying to climb onto my knee for a cuddle. I think this lovely older lady was probably an only cat and not used to being one of a crowd. Next she developed a bad cold and found herself in a small cage for treatment. I took her out of this cage about a month ago because she was looking so sad, but next she found herself in a small private rescue home, still with too many cats! I saw her again about 2 weeks ago when I was finally able to take some better photos. She seemed even more stressed and will definitely need some time to relax and become again the affectionate people loving cat that I know she really is. The good news is that she will travel to a very understanding foster home in Germany on Saturday’s transport, and from there I hope she will quickly find the new family that she needs so badly.

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