Reader Newspaper Article 26/03/10

This is my article first published in the Reader Newspaper yesterday, asking for any potential foster parents to PLEASE contact us. Since I wrote this at the beginning of the week, 2 more abandoned, tame adult cats have been brought to my attention!

March has been a great month for fund-raising for Almerimar Strays, with our first Poker Run and our regular book-sales at Cafe Bar Ankara on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays. We now have another 480€ in the account, which is very important as we approach ‘kitten season’ again. Each 100€ means that we can rescue and re-home a cat or a dog, or we can sterilise 3 semi-feral cats.

It occurred to me yesterday though that, whilst our net is widening in terms of the animals we are trying to help, our helpers and fund-raisers are still largely the same dedicated group that have been helping for over a year.

Last week I visited the small cat protectora in Almeria, who send cats to the same organisation in Germany that we work with, for re-homing, and I would love to be able to help them as they have little space. I was also contacted by another small cat rescue in Mojacar who are overloaded and wanting help with re-homing. To date we have helped cats from Berja, Roquetas and Adra as well as our own Almerimar cats, but to date our helpers are only here in Almerimar.

I desperately need more foster parents, to look after cats for 4-6 weeks while we get them ready to travel to Germany, and these could be readers of The Reader as far away as Mojacar. This is a great opportunity for animal lovers to help us, and if needed we will provide all the food and supplies. All I need people to do is offer a loving home. I would also love to see more new faces at our regular book-sales.

We have one cat currently being fostered (Tigre pictured), but there are 2 known kittens and a litter, waiting for foster homes, AND a lady in Berja has 3 female cats who have just given birth, AND there is that overloaded cat rescue in Mojacar! I want to help more animals, and the process is all in place. I just need more people who are willing to get involved, and finding foster parents is my biggest problem.

SO readers of The Reader, PLEASE contact me if you think you can help us. I would love to hear from you. mob: 676 404 901

Beautiful Tigre

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