Relaxing Few Days

I’ve been taking a well earned rest from Almerimar Strays just for a few days, whilst of course still feeding the cats here. We have actually also been still trying unsuccessfully to catch a very pregnant Mimi cat, and I have also been sending some emails and researching stuff (including catch cages) online. However compared to the last few weeks it HAS felt relaxing! Pam I know is also recovering, whilst missing Bono.

We still have 3 kittens in foster care with Tracy. The latest from Germany is that Martina will visit the prospective home for Jack and Bruno, the 2 remaining of the Almerimar 5 kittens in the next few days. We are all hoping this works out and these 2 brothers will be able to stay together.

I am off to see Miguel on Friday with Cookie, our latest rescue, Sol another homed stray and one more cat, for sterilisations, injections etc. I am also aiming to visit Gila’s babies, who for now are all doing fine, and Gila tells me, putting on weight.

Reports from the port is that more tame, abandoned cats have been spotted, including one particularly sweet black and white male. We will watch these for a few days before deciding what to do, as we still have a shortage of foster homes, and we need to be sure these animals are now strays.

Also this week little Oscar, Chris and my foster kitten goes back to our vet for his final jabs, and I’m pretty certain we will make the final decision to keep him at the same time and fill out those registration forms, but more on that lovely little chap in another post.

3 thoughts on “Relaxing Few Days

  1. Mary

    Have I got this right, you are sending Chris to the vet for his jabs and you might keep him?

  2. Sands Post author

    Very funny, although jabs may not be a bad idea. I’m sure I could think of something!!!

  3. Chris

    Hmmm. Well you had my bollocks done years ago so what else can you really do to me eh????

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