Rescuing Beau Take 2

Just back from persuading Big Beau NOT to jump from Nicola’s 4th floor balcony in a bid for freedom! He is the beautiful tomcat, that we rescued this morning, and our last visitor to the Calle Alcor cat buffet, which is now closed! Beau is a huge cat but a definite big softie, who likes being stroked. He is not aggressive at all but seemed very nervous of Nicola and all the kittens. More and more, I am convinced that he is an abandoned cat, who has had a tough time on the streets.

He has however managed to father a number of kittens, including little Xabi, who recently travelled to Germany for re-homing, and I suspect maybe my own kitten Oscar.

I spent an hour coaxing him first from the balcony wall, then snuggled up to me, and finally onto my lap before I was able to feed him into a carry box. We have put him back in the study he escaped from with the window now firmly closed.

The plan now is to castrate him, along with Mouchou and Baloo, 2 of our rather wild kittens on Thursday. In the meantime, as I am currently ‘his person’, I will be visiting him several times a day to check he is ok and provide more strokes and cuddles.

On the kitten front, we had no success catching the 2 big Nautico kittens this morning, but we will be taking the catch box down every morning for the next few days to build their confidence, with a view to catching them now early next week. The catch box will then need to go to Jean and George, as we also have stray kittens up at Villas Blancas.

Tomorrow I hope to have confirmed how many boxes we have on Friday’s transport to Germany. I need at least 2 as we want to send Ginger Jasper and 2 of our big kittens on their way. Pam has been very tempted to keep Jasper as her male cat Capone loves him, but her older female cat hates him and this situation has not settled down, so we await a new permanent home for him and hope that he will be settled soon.

Apologies that the promised phlogs and photos are not posted yet. I have had a few problems with my iMac, so expect them now on Thursday and Friday.

AND now I’m off to take my new friend Beau a treat!!!


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