Rodeos are abusive and should be banned

Rodeos Are Abusive. It’s Time Arizona Bans Them.

It is no secret that rodeos traumatize and injure the animals involved. Now, despite video evidence showing a horse being shocked with an electric prod, representatives from Tucson Rodeo still claim that they “can’t be sure” animal abuse occurred. But we know that all rodeos are abusive. There is a simple solution to this problem: rodeos should not exist in the state of Arizona.

Sign now to demand the Arizona legislature ban abusive rodeos for good!

Rodeos exist for a simple reason: human entertainment and sport. This is animal abuse, and we cannot tolerate it any longer. Many U.S. cities have banned rodeos for good, and it is time the state of Arizona follows suit. Sign the petition to tell the Arizona state legislature to finally ban rodeos once and for all!

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