Romania: Don’t Kill Stray Dogs

Thousands of Romanian stray dogs are in danger of being slaughtered — unless we act fast to save them.

Romania has a massive stray dog problem. Nobody’s disputing that. But the country’s current plan, which is to slaughter the thousands of dogs by force, is unnecessarily expensive, ineffective, and cruel.

Dog catchers in the country have a reputation for notorious abuse. Their methods of killing often involve poisoning, beating or slowly starving the dogs to death.

And as if that weren’t bad enough, this proposed “solution” might not even work. Unless the country concentrates on humanely spaying and neutering the animials, in a few years, the population might be right back up to where it is today.

Romania must not subject their stray dog population to this much pain and suffering. Tell them to stop the stray dog cull immediately!

You can sign the petition here

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