Romanian Pet Transport

Since our move back to the UK and hanging up the keys on our Scheduled pet transports from Spain, we have not been totally idle and have in fact been kept busier than we had originally planned helping with the transport of re-homed cats and dogs from Romania (and Hungary) via our Calais Shuttle Service.

It is good that we can still help with the transport of these animals, and I like the fact that we are getting to know the people involved in Romanian rescue better, and of course it remains extremely rewarding to see these animals embarking on a new life here in the UK.

Even our own dogs are getting in on the act as they have become friends with a couple of rescue dogs from Romania that they meet regularly on Cannock Chase.

2 thoughts on “Romanian Pet Transport

  1. Leigh scrafton

    Could you please advise how much it would cost to bring 1 dog from Rumania to Newcastle upon Tyne UK

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Hi. If you look at the Transporter Page and contact the one that transports from Romania they will help you. We no longer do transports.

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