Russell: A VERY Happy Ending

We recently had the pleasure of transporting Russell to Holland to his owner. I suspect many of you will have heard of Russell, even if you can’t place the name. He was the dog that was recently euthanized BUT survived! He only ever received the first injection, not the second fatal one, and when the shelter people were ‘clearing up’ the dead dogs they came across him, still alive! You can read the full story here, in Spanish.

We had Russell to stay with us for a couple of nights before we transported him and he was a lovely, friendly dog who was no trouble at all.

People sometime (OK quite often) ask why we drive so many miles transporting the cats and dogs. I usually adopt the old mantra from the Harley Davidson world: if you have to ask you wouldn’t understand the answer, but another way of explaining is to share the emails that we often get from the owners.

So here you are in Ingrid’s own words.

Email from Ingrid

Russell is settling in after arriving yesterday. He’s adorable and doing great with my boys and other dogs we have met so far. This afternoon I bathed him, his fur looks a brilliant white again, I cleaned his ears and skin on the inside of the hind legs, took care of the remaining knots in his hair and around the muzzle, it seemed like chewing gum in there…

After the lukewarm shower, which he kind of enjoyed, he finally decided he was up to finding a place in the living room to sleep. Up till then he had stayed in the hallway, or downstairs in the sleeping room (my house is reversed order) or out on the roof terrace, even when it started to rain…


I can see from the way he sleeps now, compared to yesterday, that he’s burning off all the bad memories he finally can leave behind.


He’s gentle, loves cuddles and to give me lots of licks. He eats well, pee’s & poo’s are fine and he knows the do’s and dont’s of it, walks well on leash and he picks up his first commands which I doubt he has ever really learned before .


It may well be his first time living inside a house. He fell asleep in my arms last night, I think it was the happiest night in his life.

Photo on 2013-11-25 at 03.57

Thank you Chris, for getting Russell safely here!

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