Saidi is 9 Today!

10/01/14: Little Saidi our ‘mummy’ cat is 9 years old today, but because it is a little cold she is refusing to leave her warm bed for a new birthday photo. She has eaten lots of fresh prawns and is ‘busy’ sleeping off her treat. She is very special because she is the little female of 2-3 years that I rescued from the street near my home, and she is the only one of our 6 cats that was not a kitten when we adopted her. She is a sweet, affectionate cat that loves to be stroked and will often jump on our knees but she is also a very strong character and definitely a lady. She does not like to play with the other cats and will discipline them if they fight too hard, but she is also brave and will run to help them if they are afraid.

When I rescued Saidi 6 years ago I did not know cats well, and thought she would be a friend to Mori, our big male. I was So wrong. Mori was sporty and very active and Saidi was a mother of several kittens outside. They actually have never really liked one another and we think that MAYBE Mori is Saidi’s ‘bad’ son! Mori’s best friends Oscar and Fleur are also NOT really Saidi’s friends, BUT she has always had Chris and I, and in the last 2 years we have adopted Saidi’s ‘boys’. She LIKES Dusky and Kasper, and will even let Kasper cuddle up with her in bed, which is lovely to see. Dusky is a gentleman cat always says hello to Saidi and she then licks his ears which is also lovely. Now in our house we have ‘team Mori’ AND finally ‘Saidi’s boys’ which is a good balance, although Kasper and Dusky are actually friends to all.

Saidi is definitely a little character and I am so so happy that this very special cat is part of our family. Happy birthday gorgeous girl. We love you!!!


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