Save Cats From Being Poisoned by Anti-Freeze

Two cats in Derby have been poisoned with anti-freeze this spring, and countless more die every year from accidentally ingesting it. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Every year, the headlines are filled with heartbreaking stories of cats that are poisoned to death by anti-freeze. Sometimes, the deaths are horrible crimes committed on purpose to torment neighbours or fulfill sick urges; other times, they’re terrible accidents due to an owner leaving the toxic chemical within reach of a curious kitty. But either way, these deaths could easily be avoided.

Despite its highly lethal nature, anti-freeze tastes delicious to animals: its active ingredient is sweet, like sugar, and many pets think it’s a treat they’ve stumbled upon. Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly dangerous; just a few mouthfuls can lead to a prolonged death from kidney failure for animals and even children who ingest it.

However, there are ways to reduce anti-f reeze’s potential harm. By adding a harmless bittering agent to their products, anti-freeze companies would discourage cats, dogs and kids from eating them — and potentially save hundreds, even thousands of lives.

We can’t let any more pets die from ingesting this common household product. Ask anti-freeze companies to take action to protect cats, dogs and kids from being poisoned!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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