Say no to elephant riding

Save the Gentle Giants: A Petition to End Elephant Riding in Thailand

I am writing to you today to bring your attention to a crucial issue that requires our immediate attention. Elephants, majestic creatures that have fascinated us for centuries, are suffering from cruelty and abuse in the tourism industry. Today, I implore you to join me in demanding a ban on elephant riding for tourism purposes in Thailand. 

The heartbreaking story of Pai Lin, a 71-year-old elephant who spent 25 years carrying tourists on her back, serves as a stark reminder of the inhumanity that these gentle giants endure. Countless elephants like her are pushed beyond their limits, their spines and bodies irreversibly damaged by the heavy burden of carrying tourists and howdahs. As compassionate individuals, it is our responsibility to protect these animals from such cruelty and suffering.

Together, we can bring about meaningful change for elephants in Thailand. We must demand a ban on elephant riding for tourism purposes and implement strict regulations to protect these animals from abuse in the tourism and logging industries. I urge you to support only those establishments that prioritize the welfare of elephants and reject riding and other abusive practices by signing the petition!

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