Scooby the dog died a horrific death

He Killed a Little Boy’s Pet Dog in Front of Him, Boiling It to Death in Hot Oil

An 11-year-old boy in Mexico is broken hearted after a man allegedly murdered his beloved pet dog, Scooby.

The child was out with his dog and his mother when suddenly an enraged police officer rushed out of a store. The man grabbed Scooby and threw him into a nearby pot of boiling oil, killing the dog in the most gruesome way possible.

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Authorities report that this man is a state police officer. Apparently he began his spree of violence by verbally assaulting a local shop owner, then pulling out a knife and threatening him. Afterwards, he spotted helpless little Scooby the dog in the street.

That’s when he allegedly picked up the animal and hurled him into a food vendor’s boiling pot of cooking oil. The traumatized little boy watched as officials removed his beloved companion’s corpse from the oil.

Authorities arrested the man and charged him with animal cruelty and attempted murder. The suspect is a uniformed police officer himself, so we must make sure he does not get away with his crimes!

Sign the petition to stand with this child, and demand justice for Scooby the dog!

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