Seals will be shot or bludgeoned with spiked clubs by the hundreds of thousands

ON what planet and in which sick minds can this in any way be called hunting? Even if you are in favour of hunting which I am not, this is simply murder.

Nearly a Half a Million Seals, Some of Them Just Weeks Old, Will Be Slaughtered in the 2022 Hunt

The 2022 Canadian commercial seal hunt has just begun off the coast of Newfoundland, and this season, Canada will allow a whopping 400,000 harp seals to be killed. Seal pups as young as three weeks to three months of age are fair game, with some hunters shooting them with a rifle and others killing them using a hakapik, a brutal spiked club. Despite rightful outrage and shrinking demand for seal products in recent years, the Canadian government continues to allow this tragic slaughter to continue each spring.

The European Union has enacted a number of helpful bans, including a recent restriction on all seal products in the market, with an exemption for seals hunted by Indigenous peoples. Crucially, First Nations and other native communities have tribal sovereignty, giving them the right to continue seal hunts. Any hunting ban must include an Indigenous exemption. These communities are historically much more invested in responsible and respectful wildlife practices, whereas white westerners have a long history of simply bludgeoning wild animals into extinction for sport and profit. 

Canada’s commercial seal hunt has dramatically dropped — by about 90% – since the European trade bans were established. The tides are turning, and it is time the Canadian government ends this practice in its entirety for good. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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