SeaWorld dolphins are so distressed, they attacked one of their own

When will we realise that humans do not need animals for any form of entertainment!

SeaWorld Mistreated Dolphins Until They Attacked Each Other During a Show. It Must Send the Animals to a Sanctuary!

A visitor to SeaWorld Orlando recently posted a video on TikTok that went viral — and for heartbreaking reasons.

As he watched trainers force a pod of dolphins to perform a live show, suddenly the whole group turned on one individual dolphin, attacking it until it began to openly bleed.

The injured, bleeding dolphin swam to the shallow end of the pool, resting there while it called out in pain multiple times.

Dolphins are enormously intelligent, complex creatures that thrive in open waters where they can play, form friendships, and work in teams together. Scientists are even discovering that dolphins have developed a form of language amongst themselves, and even have names!

But at places like SeaWorld, these wild beings are trapped and can’t get away. On top of that, humans turn them into live puppets and make them entertain us while they are, essentially, imprisoned.

The pressures of this unnatural, coercive lifestyle eventually cause severe emotional pain — and even physical illnesses, injuries, and death.

The solution to this attack is plain and simple: end the dolphins’ captivity. Sign the petition to demand SeaWorld end its dolphin shows and send these wild animals to a reputable sanctuary!

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