Sharpshooters picked off innocent animals in a national park

Helicopters circled up above. A sharpshooter in the sky pulled their rifle close, and one by one, picked off a total of 38 mountain goats in Grand Teton National Park. The National Park Service, at the time headed up by Trump’s hand-chosen acting director David Vela, said they killed these innocent animals all to protect the park’s bighorn sheep, who may potentially be competing for the same food. But that’s not the full truth. The reality is they’re taking these cold-blooded mercenary steps so that trophy hunters can have more bighorn sheep to kill.

While wildlife are protected from hunters on national park grounds, the moment animals step outside, they’re considered fair game to shoot and kill — and then to cart off as trophy carcasses. But trophy hunters don’t really want to come home with the puny horns from a mountain goat’s head. Instead, they’d rather bag the impressive, majestic head of a bighorn sheep. To make this happen, they’ve roped in Trump’s cronies at the National Park Service to undertake the cruel, needless, and militaristic culling of mountain goats. This type of callous murdering cannot be allowed to happen again! Sign the petition demanding that the National Park Service publicly commit to never undertaking another vicious execution like this!

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