She did this after $10,000 vet bill

axx, a german shepherd puppy appeared to have been in distress for 24 to 48 hours before he arrived at the vet. After taking a test for his abdominal pain, they found a skewer penetrating his insides.

It was going to take emergency surgery to save Jaxx and the estimated cost was around $10,000 at that time, which included all the prior tests and medications.

The vet gave Jaxx’s owner a few different credit options. They also explained that they could start the procedure if half the payment was received upfront. The owner claimed she could get a loan by 3 pm, but by 4 pm, she hadn’t been given a clear answer.

When Mullen revealed that she didn’t get the loan, the vet suggested she surrender Jaxx to a different owner who was able to pay for his care to ensure he survived. So that’s what she did…

Jaxx had the surgery and is now recovering. He seems happy and healthy with his new family…

While it’s heartbreaking that Mullen’s family said goodbye to their puppy, what’s most important is that Jaxx is alive. 

But honestly, what a mess…right???

Know what could have helped avoid this?…

…Pet Insurance.

Emergency veterinary care costs are skyrocketing and dog owners aren’t about to weigh the value of their dog’s life, and shouldn’t EVER be forced to surrender their dog because of emergency vet bills.

Most pet owners end up absorbing the costs… Yes, even if it means crippling their finances. 

Here’s the great thing…

Pet insurance is VERY common now and there are many great plans to compare to fit your dog’s specific needs and your budget. (Some options as low as $20 per month)

The team here at iHeartDogs has created a way to compare quotes on the best pet insurance plans – a tool that I recommend EVERY dog owner review. (Free and instant quotes)

Emergencies are way more common than you think and countless people end up in similar situations as Jaxx’s Mom every single day.  

Don’t put yourself in this kind of scenario…Have a plan in place.

You can use this tool (completely free) to calculate and compare the best options for your pup here >>> Pet Insurance Quote Tool

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