She neglected, abused, and kidnapped dogs

Please sign and demand Justice For the Nearly 200 Dogs Neglected by This Woman!

A woman is facing several years in jail after nearly 200 dogs were found suffering in neglect on her property. Authorities found the pups emaciated and sick from lack of food, water, and clean, safe shelter. But if the hoards of neglected dogs weren’t bad enough, the perpetrator then tried to evade justice — she apparently held someone else’s dogs hostage in order to coerce them into dropping charges against her.

All living creatures deserve better than this, most of all the voiceless, defenseless pets that depend on us. This woman acted horrifically and continues to deny her guilt. She needs serious help, and to be kept far away from animals in the future. We demand that the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office recommend mandated counseling plus a lifetime ban on animal ownership. Sign the petition if you agree!

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