She neglected and abused this horse so badly, it might lose an eye

A Horse Trainer Abused and Starved Animals Until They Became Malnourished and Sick.

New video evidence shows that a trainer at a Pennsylvania horse training facility has been horrifically abusing and neglecting the animals there.

Pennsylvania authorities must protect animals from this trainer!

Apparently, the trainer set dogs on the horses in the name of “training,” forcing canines to pull horses around while she whipped the equine animals.

According to one horse owner who learned about the abuses, the trainer “would just smack them [the horses] and beat them and run them into the ground until they could hardly breathe.” The owner says her horse became malnourished and contracted an eye infection that may result in the animal losing an eyeball.

The trainer also allegedly failed to provide food or water to many of the animals, or even to clean their overcrowded, feces-filled stables.

Authorities must keep other animals safe by ensuring this horse training never owns, lives with, or works with animals in the future. Sign the petition now!

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