She trapped her cat in a washing machine just to film it suffer

After a woman in Hong Kong trapped her poor cat in a washing machine and recorded its horrified response, she posted videos to social media in an attempt to go viral. Luckily, she is facing punishment from local authorities as this was a clear case of abuse towards a domestic animal. But while her phone and washing machine were both confiscated, somehow, she is still in possession of the cat she tortured. 

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The woman in question continues to insist that she is a ‘cat lover,’ and that she only uploaded the video because she thought it was ‘funny.’ But any person who genuinely loves cats would never treat one this way – and there is absolutely nothing funny about animal abuse. In the video, the cat is seen clearly terrified and suffering, confused and trying to escape. Why is this poor cat still living in this woman’s custody? 

Help us put pressure on Hong Kong authorities! We must ensure that this cat is taken to safety and out of the hands of an animal abuser. Sign the petition.

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