She was raising her child in a home filled with dog corpses. Demand an investigation.

There Were Dead Dogs in This Woman’s Car, Home, Yard, & Trash Cans. Demand an Investigation Now!

Authorities in New York state recently discovered that a woman was raising her 8-year-old son in a home filled with dead dogs. They might never have known, except that the situation had gotten so bad, other people could smell the rotting animals from a distance of 20-30 yards. Blood, urine, and feces were all over the house — even smeared on the walls. Officials found dead dogs scattered all over the place. One was in a trash can. Some were inside the house. And still others were left outside to decay.

Yet another dog wasn’t on the property at all. Its dead carcass was locked in a cage inside her car. The same car she allegedly used to transport her son around.

This would be illegal — and immoral — under any circumstances. But this particular individual had already been banned from owning or living with any pets after a neighbor noticed the paw of another dead dog sticking out of a trash bag outside the house. Authorities should investigate where this woman went to get these additional animals — animals which are now all dead. It’s imperative that pet retailers do not sell animals to criminal animal abusers ever again! Sign the petition to demand a full investigation!

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