Sign the petition and ban these animal abusers from ever becoming cops

Night hunting is the horrific practice of sneaking up on a slumbering, unsuspecting bird or animal and then shooting it dead…in cold blood. Not for any real purpose — just because you can. This kind of wanton and sadistic cruelty tells you a lot about a person. Two men in Rockland, Maine were recently discovered partaking in the “delight” of illegally murdering birds and wildlife in this way. At night, a time when these beings have next to no defenses and are completely unaware that armed gunmen might be approaching, they intentionally induced extreme suffering, pain, and death on these poor creatures. The details of the incident these men perpetuated were so horrific, they have not been released; the official report called it “torture.”

To make this case even more scary: these individuals didn’t just have guns and a desire to kill. Addison Cox and Michael Rolerson, the two perpetrators, were also police officers at the time of the nightmarish incident. Luckily, the police department has already fired these two violent individuals and charged them with committing both felony and misdemeanor animal cruelty offenses. But that will not stop these two criminals from becoming cops or security officers elsewhere after the local media storm has died down. And that’s not all — they could also still legally purchase and amass more guns in the future. Demand that the District Attorney of Maine, Natasha Irving, call for these two dangerous men to be barred from future service as police officers, as well as from owning guns!

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