Sign the petition to protect polar bears!

The first week of November is when hundreds of polar bears are doing a migration to their winter habitat. The non profit Polar Bears International (PBI) has deemed the week “Polar Bear Week” and this year they are highlighting one major threat to polar bears: interaction with humans. Luckily, PBI and their partners are developing detection programs so that both polar bears and humans can coexist. The problem is, the project needs funding. Sign the petition to call on the Canadian government to help fund this critical project!

So far, a lot of the work around detecting the presence of polar bears has been with females. This is because male polar bears have the same neck and head circumference, making any collars slip right off. But new, innovative tracking applications are being developed along with other detection programs. A team of very smart scientists and passionate activists are on their way to solving this problem, but they need our help. 

We can prevent human and bear interactions, thus protecting everyone. But the people on the forefront of this effort need funding. Please sign the petition if you think the Canadian government should be helping to fund these efforts!

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