Smokey Boy OK!

I posted a couple of days ago that I had had some bad news of Smokey Boy, but now it seems that things are better than I originally thought.

We have helped over 30 cats in the last year but some are more ‘real rescues’ than others and Smokey Boy is definitely one of those, as he has had a lot of problems and some pretty bad luck, but now it seems as if the vets in Germany have finally got to the cause of things, and even maybe to the reason why his original owner may have abandoned him in the first place. To read more about his story to date, please click on the above article and also check out the Tag Cloud for photos, videos and all the previous posts.

Smokey Boy has epilepsy! Earlier in the week I mis-understood an email from Germany (blame the language problems here) and thought he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor as the cause of his fits. What Martina was actually saying was that they THOUGHT he must have one, as apparently ‘simple’ epilepsy as an illness is very rare in cats. Last night she emailed me again to say that his brain scan is clear which is fantastic news. Now he will have medicine to control his epilepsy which is fine because he has a home with a wonderful lady who loves him dearly. Below is the latest news:

i just talked to smokey boy :o) and i shall tell you, that he is very glad to let you know, that in his head is NO tumor !!!!!!!! he was at the computer tomographie today and there was no tumor found ! we have a cd now with every part of his head ( inside ) and all is fine ! so it´s defenitly a “normal” eppilepsi…ok, this fact is sad enough…but it means, he can have a longer life nearly normal! he is getting medicine now till the end of his life every day to control his sickness….and if the right medicine is found, he can have a nearly normal life ! i´m so happy for him !!! this sickness we are able to handle !!! only one of 10 000 cats has “real” eppilepsi, and he is the one…but a tumor would be worst case…so this way is better for him…

SO finally we have a happy ending for Smokey Boy, and we wish him a great life in a loving family. He certainly deserved this chance, as despite being left with a disabled leg, he is full of life and a big character. A big thank you from Smokey Boy to everyone who has helped to save him particularly Pam, Jean and George, Begona (our vet), Me (hee … hee) and the lovely girls (Martina & Kerstin) and new mother in Germany. He is really grateful that we didn’t give up on him.

Way to go Smokey Boy!!!

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