Smokey Boy Playing (Video)

As you know Smokey Boy is off to Germany next week which is great news, but it will also be a shame to see him go for Pam who has done such an excellent job with him:

Just another comment Sandra if you are contacting Germany – Smokey – otherwise known as Houdini – has integrated so well with my 3 cats and isn’t bothered by the dog who thinks cats are there just to be chased – Smokey is fast asleep by my other cats in a bed by the radiator and isn’t fazed by my dog sniffing around – so I think he will settle into his new home in Germany very well – please do write and tell them what an easy cat he is – eats anything put in front of him and is calm and peaceful – but chases balls and bits of string all over the place, jumps out of my study window and isn’t bothered by his ‘gammy’ leg.I wish I could keep him but know he is going to be well looked after in Germany

I called down earlier and took this video of him playing. As you can see he is looking really good and his leg while not perfect by any mewans isn’t stopping him from playing and having fun ….

5 thoughts on “Smokey Boy Playing (Video)

  1. Chris

    Very good to see. He certainly looks SO much better than when we briefy had him to look after. He always wanted attention and was a very loving cat but he looks very happy and playful indeed.

    His leg seems a lot better as wel and as you say it doesn’t seem to be stopping him from being a playful cat, so hopefully it will continue to get better!

    Nice video ……

  2. Martina

    cute!!!!!!!!!!!! he looks good ! and he is using his leg, it seams as he dont has no pain…?

  3. Sands Post author

    No pain! He seems fine … happy, healthy and playful, with his bad leg not bothering him too much … certainly not stopping him from playing and enjoying himself.

  4. Sands Post author

    Update from Pam today:

    “Smokey is a total wrecker – have just got the computer room sorted he must have spent the whole night rearranging everything and has sat by his empty bowls crying for food – what a different cat from his first night here!!!!!!”

    This sounds like a very happy healthy cat! We already have our own ´wrecker´… he is called Mori.

  5. Chris

    Absolutely, he sounds like a very happy and active cat.

    Congrats on doing such a good job on him 🙂

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