Smokey Boy

Smokey Boy is a beautiful, gentle cat that was rescued from the port in May by Jean and George. Then he was struggling to walk because he had 4 injured paws. Now he is struggling to walk because he has lost all feeling in one of his paws just above his ankle bone. I am hoping that this time, like the last, he can beat the odds and recover. He is also very weak from a recent bad infection, losing his fur, extremely thin, and altogether in a very bad way. It seems for this quiet, sweet creature the cat rescue home has not worked out at all.

He has just eaten a big bowl of cooked chicken followed by nearly 2 bowls of my cats’ Royal Canin dry food, which leads me to think that a lot of his problems may be through lack of food. Gisela at the cat rescue is a great lady but she has been very ill in hospital recently and I think with so many cats, some of the softer more vulnerable ones have suffered during this period.

Poor Smokey Boy has also got quite a few bite marks from the more aggressive cats in the house and Begona our vet believes a bite could be one explanation for the apparent nerve damage to his lower leg. We will feed him well and give him love, and he has a 10 days course of antibiotics to hopefully zap any residual infection, but the problem with his paw is a very serious one, so every cat lover out there, please cross everything for him. He definitely deserves some luck!

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  1. Chris

    I have just got back in and seen him in the cage and he seems very gentile indeed, infact Mori went and sniffed at him and didn’t hiss at all which is pretty amazing.

    Hopefully some love and affection and a good diet will sort him out, but if it doesn’t a little amputation will still leave a very loving cat!!!

    Fingers crossed …..

  2. Chris

    He is a fighter!!! He is such a mild mannered cat. I may be being overly optimistic but having gone out earlier to massage his bad leg I think he is starting to get some feeling back in it. He has started to pull it away when you touch it, and he is laying it flat more than he used to.

    Fingers crossed. It has only been three days …..

  3. Chris

    He is certainly getting stronger. He is eating well, purring when you hold him, and accepts his medicine without any fuss.

    He is using his bad leg more to scratch himself, and I am convinced that he is pulling it away more when we massage it ….. but that may be wishful thinking. He isn’t folding the end of the paw under as much either and in general seems to be improving.

    He certainly has had enough of the cage and wants company, so now we need to try and find a foster home for him.

    With some love and attention he has every chance of making it to Germany in three weeks time so it wouldn’t be a long foster that was required …..

  4. Chris

    Good for Pam taking him in to foster. He certainly has got better, and loves company so I reckon that he will come on leaps and bounds when he is warm, in a home and getting attention.

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  6. Pam Roberts

    Smokey has settled into my Computer Room, choice of beds,choice of food and ledge to look out onto the golf course.He is wafer thin but is tucking into his food and doing a lot of stretching of his poor wasted leg – loves to be stroked and brushed and is very voluble, he is taking his antibiotics without any trouble and goes back to Begonia on Friday evening.Would love to integrate him with my other cats but dont think he would fare too well at the moment, certainly he would have a problem with my dog Rufus.He can stay with me until Dec.19th as my son and daughter in law arrive with their 6 month old daughter for a week over Christmas.I am hoping to find him a foster home for the week Dec.19th-28th whilst they are here – any volunteers???He can come back after that date and I will carry on trying to get him back to a normal weight and using his back leg – he is a really lovely gentle cat.

  7. Pam Roberts

    Smokey has had his last antibiotic this am and I locked all the other animals out and he has had a wander around the rest of the flat – dragging his leg I am afraid – but it doesn’t seem to bother him unduly so dont think he is in pain.

  8. Sands Post author

    Just back from the vet with Smokey Boy and Pam and it is really good news!!!

    Smokey Boy is putting on weight and isn’t carrying any illness that he could spread, so the vet is certain that he will be fit to travel to Germany on the 12th December. Pam can keep him until then and continue the excellent care she is providing.

    His leg hasn’t got any worse and as he gets stronger and fitter he is using it more and more ……….. jumping around, exploring etc. It bears some weight; he is just not very mobile.

    There is still a slim hope that he may get more feeling back, but for now he is coping well, seems contented, and should have a good life as long as he is an indoor cat.

    It may be that it will get better in the long term but we wont know for a long time, but the vet says that if she is a caring home and doesn’t go out her leg should be fine. The only really long term risk is that she gets ulcers, but that in itself wouldn’t be a big problem, and with care shouldn’t be an issue.

    So ………. excellent news if we can find her a home in Germany she will be able to go!

  9. Chris

    That sounds great. Hopefully time and care will sort his leg out, and he would certainly make someone a lovely pet as he has a superb nature!

  10. Chris

    EXCELLENT NEWS …….. Smokey Boy has a Foster home identified in Germany and will be going with the next transport.

    Well done Sands and Pam 🙂

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