Smokey Boy Says Happy Easter

22/04/11: Fantastic! A new photo of beautiful Smokey Boy and one of his housemates, Maxine.

It is almost a year since I last heard from him, and it is actually close to 3 years since Smokey (now Simon) headed off to his new life in Germany. He is one of our biggest rescue. To read his whole story, please follow the links to my previous posts.

For now Smokey Boy and his lovely family say Happy Easter to everyone who helped him here and in Germany.

Smokey Boy


23/06/10: I last wrote about Smokey Boy’s Cat Cuddles in February, and from these latest photos, it appears as if he lives with the MOST loving cats.

Smokey Boy isn’t in all the photos; there is actually a lovely dark tabby cat in the home as well as our boy, and his ginger friends. They all however seem to be the sweetest cats, or maybe these cuddles are an indication of the colder climate in Germany.

My boy cats Mori and Oscar are great friends, but now that Oscar is grown up and big, it isn’t normal to see them completely cuddled up like Smokey Boy’s family. In my experience this is more normal with real siblings who have grown up together. This cat house does seem exceptional, and it is great that their Mum keeps sending through new pictures.

Smokey Boy is one of our special cats, and if you follow the links to my previous posts, you will read his story. In summary, he ended up with a partly paralysed leg which was the bad news. The good news is that he found a really loving Mum and a family of snuggle cats, and is having a great life. I am very happy for him.

Smokey Boy & Best Buddy

Smokey Boy’s Housemates

Smokey Boy’s Housemates

Beautiful Smokey Boy

Beautiful Smokey Boy

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