Smokey On His Way!

Beautiful Smokey

07/12/2008: Today I have updated this post.

It appears as if Smokey IS fully recovered from his illness, and is becoming rather cheeky in his new foster home. Pam returned yesterday from a 2 day trip to Gibralter and let Smokey out of the study for a while as he was becoming a little stir-crazy, whereupon he settled happily into one of her cats’s baskets by the fire, naturally inducing some snarling and hissing from the other residents. Smokey appeared completely unconcerned and didn’t even bother to retaliate.

Pam put him back to bed in the study, only to be woken a couple of hours later by more hissing and snarling, and to discover that Smokey had escaped and was now asleep on her bed, again unconcerned by Pam’s own cats, who he had obviously decided were all puff. This repeated itself one more time before Smokey finally gave in and settled in his own bed. Added to his very active ball-playing when I visited him, this is definitely a sign of a well cat, apart from his injured leg, and one that is ready for his own home.

Butter Wouldn’t Melt …

It seems as if life IS going to be ok for beautiful, gentle Smokey Boy. Until recently he had had such a tough time, starting with injuring 4 of his paws after, we assume, being thrown out by his original owner. He then spent a not great few months up at the cat rescue home where he had epileptic fits due to a flea collar, was bullied by the more assertive animals, and contracted a blood infection from fleas which led to him becoming very thin and weak. His most recent problem is a loss of feeling to the lower part of his right back leg and paw, which Begona our vet thinks could be permanent.

I made the decision 10 days ago to pull him out of the cat home, as he was SO thin, was limping and appeared to have been bitten by other cats. After a few days with me, he has been fostered brilliantly by Pam, has got over his illness and started to put on weight, and trust humans again. He is not quite back to his beautiful best as he needs to grow back a lot of fur, but you can see from his face what a gorgeous fellow he is.

I am sad about his leg damage, but he appears to be coping well, being more of a quiet, restful character than a hyper-active one, and today I have had some great news.

The German organisation I am working with has found him a foster home, and will take him on, knowing his problems and limitations and find him a loving home. He will now go to Germany on the transport on December 12th, and here’s hoping we will soon hear that he has found a family and has a settled, comfortable future ahead.

Thanks again to Pam for her help with Smokey, to George who rescued him from the port originally and sponsored him, and to Kerstin (in Germany) for all her efforts on his behalf.

12 thoughts on “Smokey On His Way!

  1. Chris

    Yeah, great news. Gold stars and pats on the back all round!!!

    Good luck Smokey Boy 🙂

  2. Pam Roberts

    Smokey has settled into my computer room, snuggles down in his bed, is really enjoying his food without the bullying of other cats, his coat is coming along nicely and he loves being brushed daily.He is a very talkative cat and trills away every time I come into the rooom to make a fuss of him.I put my cats and the dog in another room and let him have a play around the rest of the flat most days and he inspects everything very carefully.I am so glad he has a foster home to go to in Germany and it is all down to Sandra – well done.I hope to fatten him up before he goes on the long journey to his new home.

  3. Chris

    I think you both deserve praise and congratulations!!!

    As for fattening him up in the next two weeks I don’t see that being a problem in your apartment 🙂

  4. Pam Roberts

    Are you referring to the animals or to John and I – all my animals are on Hills Special Diet Food and not happy and John is on the see food diet – see food and eat it!!!!!!!

  5. Chris

    Ha Ha …. I was referring to the cats and Rufus, but now you mention it about John 🙂

    Fat and happy is better than skinny and depressed in my book although a good balance is always ideal.

    Keep up the excellent work ….. it is good to see how far this has all come since you started feeding the strays and we set up the Treasure Hunt

  6. Sands Post author

    Smokey’s foster home was definitely confirmed yesterday AND the lady he is going to apparently has a great vet so he will be well looked after. Kerstin also mentioned that they will try acupuncture on his nerve damaged leg. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if it got better?

  7. Chris

    Sounds like a character. You mean he can open the door himself? Is good to see that he doesn’t let his bad leg get in the way of being a fun loving normal cat ……

  8. Pam Roberts

    Well he has certainly found his feet – can now open the stiff window in my computer room – went missing again and I tracked him down yet again to my bed – where he is lying with Moll my ginger female cat – fast asleep without a care in theworld.Moll doesnt seem bothered but no – much as I would like to keep him – 4 cats and a dog in the flat is a definite no no.However he is obviously feeling much better and is eating extremely well and isnt bothered by the rest of my menagerie.

  9. Chris

    I bet it is tempting, but longer term we can all achieve more by helping support and foster the cats and get them new homes in Germany. At least you know that you can foster a cat for a week or so in the future …..

  10. Pam Roberts

    Just another comment Sandra if you are contacting Germany – Smokey – otherwise known as Houdini – has integrated so well with my 3 cats and isnt bothered by the dog who thinks cats are there just to be chased – Smokey is fast asleep by my other cats in a bed by the radiator and isnt fazed by my dog sniffing around – so I think he will settle into his new home in Germany very well – please do write and tell them what an easy cat he is – eats anything put in front of him and is calm and peaceful – but chases balls and bits of string all over the place, jumps out of my study window and isnt bothered by his ‘gammy’ leg.I wish I could keep him but know he is going to be well looked after in Germany.

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