Snoopy & Luke Kittens

Snoopy & Luke are finally settled in a forever home together, with a lovely older cat called Simba, who seemed very happy to have 2 new little friends from the start. Their new owner sounds a very sweet lady, as she understands that they won’t be really settled for several months.

This is because they have already had 2 long term foster homes, so will need more time to really feel that they can stay in their great new home for ever. First they were with Nicola here, and then they had a ‘trial’ home in Germany.

The lady there had them for about 4 months before finally deciding she didn’t want to keep them, which was a shame. We think this had a lot to do with the fact that she really only wanted one kitten, and we rightly would not allow these 2 to be separated. Now however all seems fine and all of us here wish these beautiful brothers a great life.

Snuggle Time

Great Game With Simba

Snoopy & Luke

Big Buddy Simba

Luke With Simba

Snoopy & Luke

More Snuggle Time

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