Snoopy & Luke


Little Luke

Snoopy and Luke are now looking a lot more relaxed and happy than in the first pictures I took of them!

Even Snoopy, the more nervous of the 2, is now enjoying strokes and becoming more tame. Meanwhile his smaller (in size) brother Luke is a little sweetheart, although still struggling slightly with a blocked up nose. He seems to be a little weaker and is taking time to shrug off an infection, which has completely bypassed his bigger stronger brother, but we are confident that all will be well soon.

I hope that with these new pictures, someone in Germany will fall in love with these 2 soon, as we are hoping to find them a new home together.


Little Luke


Little Luke


Playing With Snoopy


Big Brother Snoopy


Big Brother Snoopy


Big Brother Snoopy


Big Brother Snoopy

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