Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave

As a small puppy Galgo Tito slept in the bed beside me every night. This continued for three years in Spain and when we decided to return to the UK to live we thought it would be nice if we could get him out of the habit.

More in anticipation than hope we bought a couple of Cozy Cave Dog Beds for in the bedroom, one for Tito and one for Tigra. Hollie we assumed would prefer a normal dog bed, and we also had three dog beds in the Lounge.

Much to our amazement, and relief, from Night One Tito loved his Cozy Cave Dog Bed, as did Tigra and it soon became apparent that Hollie was a fan as well.

Tito loves to be fully submerged, Tigra less so and spends a lot of time on top of hers (well I say hers but in reality they swap around), and Hollie is more of a flop on top girl.

We now have six of these beds, three in the bedroom and three downstairs, and the dogs all love them, as do several of the cats!!!

Huge success and highly recommended.

Tito in one of the Lounge Beds
Tobi on one of the Bedroom Beds, usually used by Tigra
Tigra in ‘her’ Bedroom bed, although as above Tobi does like to use it
Tito in one of two Bedroom Beds he tends to use
Less of of a fan than Tito of being in the bed Tigra does find them very comfortable
Tito, an idiot, but a comfortable one!
Saidi bless her was a big fan and used to spend most of the day on this bed.
Big enough to share
Hollie will get in them, but rarely.
Comfy bed, by the radiator what not to like say Moreno and Kasper.

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