Sol Times 02/03 – Worth A Cat Box?

This is my article published this week in the Sol Times newspaper. We NEED those cat boxes!

Working to help the stray animals over the past 3 years, I have been made even more aware first hand of the extremes of human character. I have heard shocking stories of cruelty to animals, and been amazed at how many people can abandon their ‘loved’ pets. However, what I find most strange are the stories of petty meanness, from people who seem decent, AND the dishonesty.

Why do people book their pets into kennels and refuse to leave the boxes? Answer … they are going to abandon them. This is obviously dishonest, BUT why can’t they at least donate the boxes? I heard of one case recently where a man handed over his beautiful cat for re-homing and then later sold the cat box at a car boot sale!

I am always writing about how desperately we need foster homes, flight partners and of course donations, but at the very least a cat box will be a huge help! Every cat that travels to Germany needs a box to travel in. I would have thought that a relieved animal owner who has found someone to take on the pet they can no longer keep, would at least have the decency to handover all its ‘accessories’!

It appears not. Of course I have met many kind and genuine people, but also a lot who are far too keen to offload their problems with a thought or a care, OR even a BOX!!! SO for everyone who wants us to help re-home cats for them, please be willing to at least lend us a box, because we cannot afford to keep buying them!

Martha From Mojacar In Her Forever Home

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