Sol Times 03/11 – Back To Basics

This is my first article for the Sol Times newspaper, and talks about AlStrays’s focus for the next couple of months.

When we started ALStrays our aim was simple; to ensure that all the semi-feral female cats in the port were sterilised, to stop the 2-3 times a year breeding. In Almerimar we have virtually achieved this and only the other day another boat owner praised our efforts and commented on how great it is that there are less stray cats around.

I love the fact that I have also been able to facilitate the re-homing of so many cats and kittens in Germany, but right now it is time to go back to basics. My re-homing process needs foster homes in Spain, funds, flight partners and drivers to Germany, and vets who are willing to help at almost cost price; it also needs homes in Germany.

We are overloaded with kittens, so as far as re-homing goes, the list has to be closed until more foster homes and adoptants are found in Germany. This is why it is time for a quick switch of focus, and why I will be putting more emphasis on population control again.

My focus in the short-term will be on helping one particular small colony of cats in Mojacar. I want to prevent it becoming a much bigger colony, by ensuring the 4-5 month old kittens, as well as the original mothers, don’t start to breed; then as things free up, I will slowly start to re-home all these lovely tame cats via my usual process.

I do understand the frustrations of restaurant owners, where feral cats are affecting their business, and I think part of this is because often, it appears as if nothing will ever get done. I think it is therefore very important to communicate, so that everybody knows the plan, and that somebody is on the case, so look out for more news in the coming weeks.

Finbar In His New Home

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