Sol times 09/02 – A Very Special Kitten

This is my article posted in the Sol Times today week, introducing Lilly one of our VERY special ones!

All the cats that I help are special, but some are VERY special and Lilly is one of those. She was found as a tiny, hungry little scrap, full of cold and with what we thought was a badly infected eye.

When I first took her to vet Miguel she weighed only 900g, and both he and I thought initially that she was about 2 months old, but on examining her teeth, Miguel was shocked to discover that she must be at least 5 months! All I can think is that she had been so under-nourished, she was unable to grow properly. He also told me that her bad eye was mal-formed. This poor little girl did not have the best start in life.

Within 10 days however she had thrown off the worst of her cold, doubled her weight, and started to play with the other foster kittens, AND a lovely lady who works for another animal charity in Switzerland had seen her sad photos and decided to adopt Lilly. As for the rest of us we already loved Lilly completely. She is one of the sweetest, happiest most adorable little kittens I have ever met. She cuddles with all cats and people, purrs a lot, and is a sunny, happy little girl, unconcerned about her slight disability.

She was born, only able to see out of her good eye, and after some weeks we decided to remove her mal-formed one, as it was still slightly infected and therefore potentially a problem long-term. She came through the operation with flying colours and was playing again the same evening. She then continued to flourish, and on December 22nd she flew to a lovely (interim) foster home in Germany.

Lilly will never be a big cat but she has caught up a little and is doing really well. We are all still hugely protective of her but she is actually a tough little kitten and VERY fully of life, AND as you will read next week in part 2 of her story, wherever Lilly goes she gives freely and inspires love. I miss her!!!

Special Lilly

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