Some commercial pet foods poisoned dogs to death

Recently, upwards of 220 pet dogs became seriously sick, and more than 130 died, as a result of eating food products manufactured by a company called Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. And it’s all because the business broke the law and cut corners to value its profits over the lives of animals. After the rash of dog deaths, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quickly began investigating the company’s multiple processing plants. Inspectors found that some samples of pet food were highly contaminated with a dangerous mold — meaning this company was selling food that poisoned animals to death.

So far, the FDA has only issued a written warning to Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc., demanding a response about what the company will do to fix its many errors. But hundreds of dogs have already died or become gravely ill, and it’s all because this company didn’t care to follow the law — and in doing so, sold poisoned food that killed families’ dogs. A letter isn’t sufficient to prevent this company from putting more dogs in danger in the future. Sign the petition to demand Midwestern Pet Foods be fined and ordered to change their leadership now!

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