South Korea is fattening PUPPIES for ritual slaughter!

We URGENTLY need your help for veterinary care, special medications and vaccinesnutritious food and eventually, placing rescued dogs in forever homes!

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In an off-the-radar location in Gimhae City, South Korea, the filthy cage was intentionally hidden under old cardboard and planks of wood. 

But the piles of feces piled beneath gave its suffering contents away.

FOUR HELPLESS PUPPIES were being fattened for horrific slaughter and human consumption in a bloody mid-summer ritual called Boknal Days!

These poor pups would have been beaten and murdered for their flesh!  

In the dank, dirty cage, our partner for this rescue – Jindo Love – found four puppies cowering in their own filth… waiting in fear for whatever terrible thing might next befall them.

Please, donate as generously as you can now to rush life-saving care to the puppies 
and for the tireless rescue work of Jindo Love.

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