Spain Declares Animals Are Sentient

Better late than never I guess, but a long long overdue decision, but one that shows that slowly Spain is improving it’s attitude and relationship with animals, not east because more and more of the current generation are getting involved with animal welfare and rescue.

The Spanish Congress of Deputies recently declared that nonhuman animals are sentient beings, which means being able to feel a wide variety of emotions including joy, fear, and various types of pain and suffering, although it will be a while before we see if animals are treated any better. Spain after all hasn’t got the best track record with following rules or instructions.

Animals in Spain will no longer be considered as “objects” by the law thanks to new legislation passed on Thursday by Spain’s lower house, the Congress of Deputies. From now on, animals will be treated as “sentient beings,” and as such will have a different legal standing than an inanimate object. They will no longer be able to be seized, abandoned, mistreated or separated from one of their owners in the case of a divorce or separation, without having their wellbeing and protection taken into account.

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