Spanish Hunting Dogs at Risk

Could you imagine abandoning an animal because they were injured and no longer considered “useful”?

The thought makes me angry and sick to my stomach. But it’s what we think happened to Roma.

You see, Roma is a Galgo. A Spanish hunting dog. And it’s the beginning of hunting season in Spain.

Please donate $35 to save Galgos like Roma.

We’ll never know exactly what happened; it looks like Roma’s paw was cut off by a trap. Then she was abandoned on the streets by the only caretaker she had ever known. With only three legs to stand on, Roma’s hunting career is over.

Sadly, Roma and thousands of other Galgos are abandoned, tortured and even killed every year by the hunters who own them.

Fortunately, kind and brave people are rescuing Galgos in Spain. They found Roma wandering the streets in the middle of the night. Her paw was gone, and her wound was raw and infected.

They rushed Roma to the clinic, where her leg had to be amputated. But these wise and caring people are like you and me, they see past Roma’s injury. And they know she still has value.

They know that all dogs have value. Even when they’re old. Even when they’re sick. And even when they are terribly injured like Roma. That’s why they are building a shelter for rescued Galgos.

Together we can help them rescue even more Galgos like Roma. Please donate $35 right now; we’ll rush it to our partners in Spain so they can save these beautiful dogs and build a shelter to give them the best care possible.

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