States should encourage shelter pet adoption, instead of puppy mill pet shopping

Delaware Just Made the Rescue Dog Its Official State Dog!

In an amazing victory for animal welfare, Delaware just named its official state dog the ‘rescue dog.’ This designation is not just symbolic — it shows the state is committed to protecting and caring for all rescued animals.

Colorado, Tennessee, California, Illinois, and Georgia have taken similar steps to name shelter dogs as their state dogs. It is time all other U.S. states follow suit!

Sign now to demand all other U.S. states follow in Delaware’s footsteps and name shelter/rescue dogs as their state dogs!

Millions of dogs still await their forever homes in shelters across the United States, lonely and hoping for love. On top of that, many shelters are overcrowded, meaning that adoption affords other animals the opportunity to access limited yet life-saving resources.

Adopting from a shelter also means you’re not supporting cruel breeding mills, which raise animals in neglectful and even abusive conditions. These mills often lock female dogs in cages while they’re re-impregnated over and over again, just so they can birth continual litters of puppies to make money for humans.

This move shows Delaware’s support not just for dogs, but also for the animal welfare organizations that protect and advocate for them. Now it is time the rest of the country follows suit. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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