Stiffer penalties for animal neglect and ill-treatment

Some good news for a change here in Spain as the authorities have recently announced that anyone who ill-treats animals will be placed on an official register and banned from having pets or livestock of any kind for between one and three years.

Of course they have to be found, reported and prosecuted according to Spain’s Penal Code, but it is a step in the right direction as until now neglect or abuse of animals merely meant the offender was unable to trade or work with animals.

The number of species protected by the law has increased and will include ferrets, iguanas, pigs, snakes and tarantulas, provided they are within the custody and care of a human.

Daily fines of between one and six months will apply to anyone who dumps an animal on the street or in the wild, or abandons it, to the point where it could threaten the creature’s life or health.

This does not only cover cats, dogs, horses or other ‘traditional’ pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits, but also cases where turtles or tortoises are dumped in rivers.

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