Stop Putting Our Dogs in Danger

The recent amendments to the Dangerous Dog Act put animals — and their humans — in unnecessary peril.

Even the world’s most good-natured dog might react snappishly if he thought his owner was in trouble. But with the new changes to the Dangerous Dog Act, our pets could be in danger even if they’re just trying to protect us.

Previously, the Dangerous Dog Act held owners responsible if their pets showed any kind of aggressive or threatening behaviour in a public place. That’s understandable: If you know that your dog is shy or high-strung, you should know to avoid situations with many people or other animals. But now, the Act has been extended to include private residences as well — and that’s a whole different story.

Dogs are, by their nature, pack animals, and your home is their territory. If a stranger like a salesperson enters your yard without permission an d your dog growls at them, you could now be held criminally liable. Even if your dog is just trying to greet a visitor by jumping up at them, if that person perceives your pet’s behaviour as threatening, you and your dog could be put in danger.

It’s certainly important to ensure that dogs are well-trained around humans and other animals. But the punishment should fit the crime.

Ask David Cameron to stop the changes to the Dangerous Dog Act!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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