Stop The Torture Of Spanish Galgo’s

Can you please help promote this cause?

We are making progress for the Spanish Greyhound. Please see the Declaration below – we need 2,000 signatures by July 13! Take action NOW!

Declaration 0006/2013:

Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Michèle Stiffler has drafted a declaration calling for the immediate cessation of torture suffered by Spanish greyhounds. To make sure this request is served, we need you to submit a copy of the form letter below, and email it to at least one MEP.

Just copy the letter in an email, and add your full name, country and ID, attach a written statement and signature form.

It is IMPORTANT that the letter is addressed to each individual MEP. The link below includes all the form letters and all the information you
need, including the form letter in Castilian, English and French, and the entire list of MEPs.

Here is the link:

Letters Must Be eMailed by July 13!

This small effort can make big difference for Gaglos. Thank u!

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