Stop these sickening experiments on captive monkeys!

Johns Hopkins, the esteemed university, has been cruelly keeping monkeys under conditions of extreme confinement in a laboratory in order to study human gambling. But this isn’t just any study. We have now learned that at least two of these monkeys, nicknamed Aragorn and Isildur, have been used in invasive brain experiments. In one study alone, Aragorn and Isildur were subjected to this torture for a total of 1,399 trials. In Aragorn’s case, he’s actually been subjected to these experiments for nearly a decade.

In order to “train” the monkeys to gamble, researchers subject them to prolonged fluid deprivation — i.e. dehydration — and then “reward” them with amounts of water so miniscule, they are measured in one-thousandths of an ounce. Once trained, researchers perform brain surgery on the helpless creatures, surgically implanting a hexagonal contraption which then allows for future insertion of multiple electrodes to record neural activity. Throughout the experiments Aragorn and Isildur are shackled in full body restraints including a head-locking device, while being held inside a noise-isolated chamber and wearing an eye-tracking device. Sign your name to ask Johns Hopkins University to terminate these cruel and senseless experiments and release Aragorn and Isildur to a sanctuary.

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